Workshops of clinical topology and talks

The meeting planned the 26 January will focus on the logic of fantasy.

The workshop will begin at 9: 00 specific to the 8 passage Charles Albert 75018 Paris


Dear friends,

Here is a summary of our last meeting with delay.

Firstly the dates:
— 24 November 2015
— 26 January 2016
— 23 February
— 22 March
— 26 April
— 24 may
— 28 June

Access by Internet with Skype:
— We offer a trial the 24 November to assess the feasibility and
the consequences on the outfit of the evening.
— Those who are interested should contact me.
— Winter time selected is 20:00 UTC is 21:00 Paris time
— my Skype code is jacsib
— my subscription allows several people to be connected in same
— The connection starts to 20:45 (Paris) do not waste time to

The time and duration of the evenings:
— Some have to start at 11: 00.
— It is therefore important to start precisely at 9 p.m.

the moderator question:
— At the moment we are trying without moderator

in case of absence:
It is requested to prevent absence for those who have
committed to participate regularly.

the purpose of the talks:
— This can be improvised
— It may concern a text sent in advance to the Working Group
and discussed
— But even in this case there it is important not to read a written article.
(This goes in the direction of applications to analysands to talk about
their thoughts and dreams without reading notes)

other participants:
— In addition to those who are committed, anyone can come and
intervene more irregularly.

Filming or not talks:
— It is requested not to film the talks but we will continue
filming the workshop sessions.

— two workshops themes emerged
— The mirror stage
— the formulas of sexuation
— There may be a preferably topological connotation to the

That's what I remember. I feel to have forgotten others
items that have been discussed. Those who were present are welcome
to add what is missing.

The comments and proposals are welcome.

Very friendly