1st Source: A workshop of Topological Clinic

Once a month, there is a workshop Lacanian clinical topological.

The sessions of the workshop of clinical topology without YouTube on Lutecium site

[tab: #01 Syntax]

Syntactic structure

The syntax does not lie.

[tab: #02 Lapsus]

Meaning relationship meant in the slip

The bar is a Moebius strip

[tab: #03 Demand & Desire #1]

Articulation and mismatch between demand and desire; The graph

“Do not ask your way to one who knows, you venture not to lose you.”

[tab: #04 Demand & Desire #2]

Articulation and mismatch between demand and desire; An embrace

“I ask you to refuse what I offer, because it is not that”

[tab: #05 Topology of the drive]

How to unite and disunite about and desire

The libido is like the bubble gum

[tab: #06 Real, Symbolic, Imaginary]

The three dimensions of the word

These dimensions are also of so-called mansions where the object is to nest

[tab: #07 Anxiety, Inhibition, Symptom]

The path of the anxiety symptom

How coexisting symptoms and secondary gain

[tab: #08 Le Sinthome]

Le Sinthome

The construction of the sublimation by the sinthome

[tab: #09 Transference]

Transference during, ant at the waning of analysis

A sequel to Sinthome by Gérard Crovisier and a disappointing record on the transference and the desire of the analyst

[tab: #10 Pass]

The pass or Passes?

Pass is not limited to institutional procedure, with the participation of Fanny Jeandel

[tab: #11 Intension, extension]

Psychoanalysis, past, in intension, in extension

The past in intension or extension, psychoanalysis in intension or extension, What is it when Lacan uses these terms? It seems he uses these qualifiers in a sense that is far away from the logical one

[tab: #12 Projective plane]

The projective plan

The projective plane has been widely used by Jacques Lacan, essentially in its cross-cap presentation. What is a projective plan? Is the cross-cap the most appropriate way to account for the human psyche?

On rails:
— the discourse of the master says: “the rails are parallel”
— the discourse of the hysteric says: “I see rails converge toward a common point”
— the University speech said: “the rails are parallel AND join on a projective point”
— the analytical discourse says: “the subject is structured as a projective space”

[tab: #13 Reality Object, Desire Object]

From one object of reality to an object of desire

What is the proximity between objects which our senses perceive and the consciousness we have about? If it is very thin, then some of our objects of desire are hallucinatory.

[tab: #14 Reality, hallucination in psychosis]

Reality & hallucination in psychosis

The transformation of an object of reality in object of desire is substantially transformed when a fundamental signifier is foreclosed. The object of the reality is then transformed into hallucination.

[tab: #15 Phallus]

The phallus object and the one who owns it

The phallus, an object so different from penis, has the particularity, of being able to be possessed by only one at a given moment. What gives it to the owner and gives it to the lacking one?

[tab: #16 Degrees of freedom]

Degrees of freedom in the acts of the subject

We talk about choice and free will; J. Lacan showed, by mathematical examples that all of the present choices are constrained by the past of the subject. This session will continue in the workshop #17, specifically focused on the repetition compulsion

[tab: #17 Repetitions]

Machines and automatism of repetition

How is the repetition compulsion a special form of automatum? This is an attempt to answer, (but not very satisfactory for my taste). An example is given from a piece from the album “Mechanical Music” of Carla Bley.

[tab: #18 Sinthome, sex and Joyce]

Sinthome and sex in Joyce

Sinthome, this path of sublimation described by Lacan, takes a particular form in James Joyce. It crystallizes in an unusual relationship to the other sex, a form of folie a deux.
Thanks to Gerard Crovisier which brings its lighting.

[tab: #19 Them 4 Discourses]

The Four Discourses

Discourse of the master, of the hysteric, of the university, and of the analyst; these 4 discourse modalities structure our intersubjectivity. A frequent drift of the analyst's discourse pushes him to the academic discourse. Although it is present in the Latin countries, it is the rule in Anglo-Saxon countries.

[tab: #20 Logic of fantasy #1]

The logic of fantasy #1 Negations or “Go, I do not hate thou”

The logic of fantasy, very dense and complex seminar of Jacques Lacan. We start with a first part depicting four varieties of negations, being used by the subject in his relationships with his objects of desire . (Note that a failure of the camera forced me to re-record this workshop! Too bad.)

[tab: #21 Klein's Group #2]

The logic of fantasy #2 Klein's Group or “Either not-I think, or not-I am”

The logic of fantasy, very dense and complex seminar of Jacques Lacan. Here is the second part of this workshop. We try to understand the use that Jacques Lacan do with the structure of the Klein's group. Namely the connections with repetition, passage à l’acte, acting out and sublimation.

[tab: #22 The golden proportion #3]

The logic of fantasy #3 The golden proportion

The logic of fantasy. Here is the third part of this workshop. The themes are: The golden proportion and its Lacanian interpretation, Aristoteles categories, and the use of sciences by psychoanalysis.

[tab: #23 the first Other #4]

The logic of fantasy #4 The first Other is the real body

Fourth workshop about seminar the logic of fantasy. The very first Other is the real body. Then it is perforated by a signifier writing down its indelible mark .
the number Lacan uses is not the golden proportion one, Let's call it “Lacan's number”
many wavering but a little serendipity (for me) …

[tab: #24 The fundamental diagram]

The Fundamental Polygon

Lacan accustomed us to depict the constituent elements of the subject using topological structures. Here in the preoccupation of simplifying (!) we present these structures in a uniform way, a rectangle. It is the fundamental polygon.
It concerns the sphere, the Möbius strip, the cylinder, the disk, the projective plane, the torus, the Klein bottle. One consequence is a rather severe session …

[tab: #25 Trou-matisme #5]


Return on the four previous sessions about logic of fantasy. Here is a rewriting of the constitution of the Real by the association Symbolic, Imaginary , trauma carving a hole, the trou-matisme.
(Them 20 first minutes have a poor level of sound.)



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